SimpleHome Motion Sensor LED Lights

  • Long life-span LEDs provide just the right amount of lighting to guide you in the dark.
  • Stick anywhere you like with the super strong double-sided adhesive pads or magnet (already included). Ideal for stairs, closets, bathrooms, wardrobes & more.
  • Won't stay on for longer than needed. Automatically powers off after 15-30 seconds of no movement. Requires less than 30 cents a year to operate.
  • Built with smart state-of-the-art sensors, this motion sensor light turns on when movement & darkness is detected. Never stumble in the dark again

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Guaranteed High Quality

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1-Year Warranty

Every HomeLife LED product is constructed with quality and comes with a full 12-month warranty.

Motion Activated Night Lights with Flexible LED Strip

Motion Sensor Lights act like little “guardians”, provide automated, hands-free way to protect your homes indoors and outdoors. Light up your bedroom, stairs, hallway, closet, or entryway to your home where the light switch is just too far from the door. Don't leave lights on needlessly running up the electric bill.

Benefits of Super-Bright Motion Sensored LED Bulbs


Auto-on within 10 feet, auto-off after 15 seconds of no motion detected helps prolong battery life. It will turn on only when it is dark and when motion is detected.


Simple to install, no hard-wiring. With double-sided adhesive pads and built-in magnet, you can stick on anywhere you like.


Bright enough to make sure you never stumble in the dark.


Light up your bedroom, stairs, hallway, closet, or entryway to your home where the light switch is just too far from the door.

With SimpleHome LED lights, you can…
  • Say good bye to bumping into stuff in the dark
  • Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark
  • Cheaper to run than ceiling light

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"Great product! These are great motion sensor lights with a strong magnet and puts off a good amount of light. Highly recommend!"
Sandy Sorenson (Verified Purchase)
"I planned to install these in my pantry and coat closet but surprised myself when I discovered the magnet on the back. I have always wanted more light over my stove. The hood lights are too high above and too far out providing only dim light. My warming rack is not magnetic but by adding a small magnet on top of the shelf, it holds the light in place below. They don't light up if all the overhead lights are on full but we usually have them dimmed a bit. these lights are great when I sneak to the coffee pot in the morning before all the lights are on. "
David Weber (Verified Purchase)
"I purchased these for my stairs and basement stairs. These take 3 AAA batteries and come with 3 adhesives to stick anywhere. The light they produce is strong enough to illuminate a decent area to give you the light you need. The motion sensor is pretty sensitive and will go on even when approaching from the side of the light which is perfect for how I have mine on my basement stairs."
Eric Morrow (Verified Purchase)
"Really convenient for dark cabinets, small closets, or as an alternative to traditional night lights. The magnet and included adhesive stick solidly to whatever you want to fix the lights to, so you aren't restricted in placement as you would be with a plug-in night light."
Thomas Spencer (Verified Purchase)

SUPER-BRIGHT 10 LED BULBS - bright enough to make sure you never stumble in the dark